Getting to Know the Types of Tonsil Cancer Treatment

Tonsils are a pair of organs in an area called the oropharynx, at the back of the throat. Your body needs tonsils to fight any infection, but cancer cells can grow there. Therefore, you should be aware of how to diagnose it and give a proper tonsil cancer treatment. Diagnosis of Tonsil Cancer Doctors can… Read More »

Don’t Be Late! It’s Tonsil Cancer Staging You Need To Know

Tonsil cancer is generally attacking tonsil cells. Tonsils are located in the mouth as part of the immune system that fights germs. In terms of cancer, there is something called staging. Likewise, in tonsil cancer, there is also a tonsil cancer staging. Cancer staging has an important function because it affects several things; namely, what… Read More »

Get to Know Factors Affecting Tonsil Cancer Survival Rate

Tonsil cancer is a rare disease that occurs in the head and neck area, mostly in the form of squamous cells. Having cancer is life-altering and can be downright confusing, let alone if you have rare cancer. Active research is still currently undergoing to improve the treatment and tonsil cancer survival rate. Whether you’re newly… Read More »

5 Physical Tonsil Cancer Symptoms, Let’s Be Aware of These

Tonsils are essential to support our immune system and fight against bacteria and viruses. It was recognized as two oval-shaped pads that sat on the back of our throat and consisted of lymphoid tissue. However, some tonsil cancer symptoms might appear once in a lifetime of a person. Men’s risk of developing tonsil cancer is… Read More »

Vulvar Cancer Causes and Procedure for How to Diagnose It

There are several vulvar cancer causes you should know about. Vulvar cancer is attacking the vulva area. It is the part of the female external sexual organs which includes the lips of the vagina (labia minora and labia majora), clitoris, and Bartholin’s glands. Vulvar Cancer Causes In general, the cause of cancer is still not… Read More »

Recognizing Vulvar Cancer Symptoms and Preventive Efforts

Every woman must be afraid of cancer that attacks the vaginal area or vulva. That sense of worry is very reasonable. However, worry is not enough without real action to know about vulvar cancer symptoms. In this article, you will explore further about vulvar cancer, its causes, symptoms, and prevention efforts that you should pay… Read More »