What You Need to Know About Bile Duct Cancer

By | 03/04/2020
What You Need to Know About Bile Duct Cancer

When hearing about cancer, people often feel so uncomfortable. This is a normal reaction since it can lead to the organ malfunction and in the worst scenario, death. One of the dangerous cancers that happens to the human body is bile duct cancer. Have you ever heard about the bile duct cancer prognosis?

There are so many diseases regarding the bile, including this cancer. Since the bile plays a necessary role in human digestion, people should be vigilant with the symptoms that occur in the bile. Let’s find out more about bile duct cancer definition here.

Concerning The Bile Cancer

Bile duct cancer or often called Cholangiocarcinoma is a disease that attacks the bile duct. Cancer that attacks this part of the bile  will usually cause a symptom of jaundice with initial symptoms that are ambiguous. Bile duct tumor or Cholangiocarcinoma is indeed a rare case because this type of cancer is more commonly experienced by elderly men who have reached 50 years or above. 

The duct is a channel that drains bile from the liver.  The bile has a function to absorb and process fat, and then it is stored in the gallbladder.  This liquid is then mixed with food, which can ultimately digest food into substances needed by the body..

What Causes Cholangiocarcinoma?

Cholangiocarcinoma is a disease that attacks the bile duct

For cancer that comes out of the genetic cause, it might happen because of mutations or changes in genes in the bile tissues.  The mutation eventually makes the bile tissue grow abnormally.

However, there are some causes that make your chance of getting cancer getting bigger. Here are some bile duct causes :

Congenital disabilities

One of the fundamental causes of why a person has Cholangiocarcinoma is due to an abnormality since birth.  The disease can come in several things, such as cysts in the bile organ.

To deal with the condition, it is better if you immediately see a doctor before you get more severe problems because this disease is hard to detect due to its location in the body.

Liver disease

Liver disease is one of the causes of bile cancer.  Hepatitis B, parasite infection in the liver, or cirrhosis can cause a person’s body to develop this kind of cancer. If you experience such a liver disease do not hesitate to consult a doctor immediately, because if you do not take the quick action, the abnormal tissue will spread to other places and cause the spread of the disease to other organs of the body.

Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC)

The term refers to an autoimmune disease, and it will happen in your body.  This autoimmune disease can cause a severe bile disease. It makes the performance of the organ being disrupted and leads to Cholangiocarcinoma.

The old age

The elderly man is indeed susceptible to various diseases because the body’s organ performance has decreased.  Therefore, for those of you who have almost reached the age of 50 years, it is recommended to pay more attention to body health. Do not hesitate to do the medical check-up

Smoking habits

Smoking is a risky habit. The substances contained in cigarettes can be easily absorbed by the body and cause various health problems in the body.

For people who are often even addicted to smoking, they might have a high chance of developing the cancer.  That is because the dirt that enters the body cannot be adequately digested by the body, which causes many problems such as bile disease.

Chronic disease

Chronic illness that is often experienced by most people is a pretty terrible disease. Because when it has attacked one part, chronic diseases can also spread to other organs in the future, and it can cause organ disease.


A person who has obesity has a lot of disorders in his body problems.  Obese people will accumulate a lot of fat in the body that causes narrowing of the internal organs, and it makes the internal organs in the body to lose its proper function.  Therefore it is common for people who are obese to have some complicated diseases, such as this kind of cancer.

Cholangiocarcinoma Symptoms

bile duct cancer Symptoms

There might be a chance for young people to experience this cancer. Thus, you must know the bile duct symptoms to make sure that your body is in good condition. Check it here:


One ubiquitous symptom that can characterize the bile malfunction is the emergence of jaundice.  Jaundice is characterized by the appearance of yellow in the eye area and skin. Other signs that follow this symptom is itchy skin, the darker urine color, and the paler stool.

If you have those symptoms or with the onset of jaundice, it might be possible that you have this kind of cancer.  If the symptoms do not disappear, then it is advisable to see a doctor immediately. The doctor will give you further information regarding your health, give you the prescription, or furthermore, advise you to do the medical check-up so that you might know your real condition.

Back and Stomachache

Stomach ache may be a very trivial thing for most people.   Sometimes they think that abdominal pain is normal because of a light stomach disease, or a minor problem due to the irregular eating schedule. Yet you need to be careful when your abdominal pain does not heal in a short period of time, moreover if it causes extreme pain and radiates to your back.  When you get severe abdominal pain and radiating to the end, it can be a bile cancer possibility.


Symptoms in Cholangiocarcinoma are quite complicated to feel.  Fever is one of the common signs and people think that this is normal.  But you must be aware when your fever coincides with other symptoms of bile disease.

When you feel a high fever coupled with a stomach ache that spreads to the back, then you need to see the doctor as soon as possible. Fever that does not go along with abdominal pain or jaundice can be a common symptom of cancer in the bile.


The symptoms of Cholangiocarcinoma can come from the limp, and this is because the bile that usually produces the limp has a disturbance so that food cannot be adequately digested.

Extreme Weight Loss

Drastic weight loss has become a significant sign of health problems.  When you feel something is abnormal regarding your weight, then it’s okay if you go to the doctor for a health check.

One of the symptoms of the cancer is a significant weight loss.  That is because the bile does not work as usual and leads to digestive disorder.

The Type of Cholangiocarcinoma

You need to know that Cholangiocarcinoma has several types that are distinguished based on the growth of cancer.  Let’s understand the bile duct cancer types here:

  • Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma: the  cancer that appears in the liver.
  • Distal Cholangiocarcinoma: cancer that grows near the small intestine.
  • Klatskin Tumor: The cancer that comes out of the liver.

No matter which kind of the cancer you experience, all of them give you such severe symptoms and it can destroy the body’s system. Thus, further medication is needed.

Prevention of Cholangiocarcinoma

We told you before that the elderly men have a higher risk to experience this disease. However, there is still a chance for young people to get the disease. You need some prevention so that this terrible disease will not happen to you. Here are some precautions for avoiding Cholangiocarcinoma:

Hepatitis B vaccine

The significant prevention of this cancer is to take the hepatitis B vaccine. It makes you more immune to various viruses, especially those that are related to hepatitis B.

Perform routine control

If you have a sugar or diabetes problem, then it is better if you do regular blood sugar control.  People who have diabetes are susceptible to other diseases.

Stop smoking and drinking

There is no doubt that the heavy smoking and drinking habit can cause you to get several diseases, and it includes the bile disease. The substance in the cigarette and alcohol is not easy to digest and it can clog the bile. What you might get in the future is the damage of the bile, including a chance of this kind of disease.

Drink regularly

Since you are young, you need to pay attention to this habit: drink regularly. People often do not take the advice seriously, but you can be more healthy if you drink regularly. When you do this habit, then you can help the body organ to work and you can make the bile absorbs and process the substance easily. You can also help the body digestion system. Please do not hesitate to take a minimum of eight glasses per day because your body is dominated by water and it needs water to do its proper function.

You know that this cancer can happen to everyone, thus you need to stay alert as soon as possible. We are sure that you want to live a healthy life in the future.

Do not hesitate to do regular medical check-ups and do not forget to share this important information so that the people can be more alerted of bile duct cancer.

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