Knowing Signs of Vulvar Cancer Prevent You from The Disease

By | 24/04/2020
Signs of Vulvar Cancer

Cancer is a very dangerous disease and is one of the highest causes of death. One of the cancers that women suffer from is vulva cancer. For a woman, knowing the signs of vulvar cancer can prevent this disease from attacking you.

Women often ignore this cancer because the signs are often similar to the common disorders experienced by women. As a result, cancer spreads easily and causes many disorders in women, especially sexual and reproductive functions.

Signs of Vulvar Cancer

To avoid more serious vulvar cancer disorders, you should know the signs of the emergence of cancer.

1. Lumps Arise

Early symptoms of vulvar cancer usually appear as a lump (ulceration), which is generally itching, irritation, or bleeding accompanying this disease. A woman sometimes does not seek medical help because of shame. Early diagnosis can prevent further severity.

2. Other Signs

Vulvar cancer that appears in women has some of the signs below.

  • Prolonged pain in the area of the labia or clitoris. This pain may appear after sex. The next day it did not subside and even continued to appear pain.
  • Some parts of the vulva often experience excessive itching.
  • Bleeding can occur with a certain intensity. This bleeding occurs when a woman is not menstruating or is pregnant.
  • The skin color in the vulva area changes slightly and some parts experience thickening of the skin.
  • Boils often appear and are most painful when held and have pus.

There may be some cancer symptoms that are not listed above. If you have a concern about a sign, call your doctor immediately.

Vulva Cancer Type

There are two types of vulvar cancers based on enlarged cell types. These types of cancer are also useful for doctors to determine the type of treatment to be taken. The two types of cancer are as follows:

  • Vulva melanoma is a cancer cell that forms in pigment-producing cells in the vulva skin.
  • Vulva squamous cell carcinoma is a cancer cell that is formed in thin cells, with a flat surface that lines the surface of the vulva.
  • Basal cell carcinoma, which is a wound in the labia majora or other areas of the vulva, which gradually develop into cancer.
  • Carcinoma of the Bartholin gland, a rare tumor in the Bartholin gland that usually attacks women in their mid-60s.

Risk Factors

Knowing the risk factors can also prevent vulvar cancer. There are several risk factors that make women more susceptible to vulvar cancer.

  • Women’s age. The higher the woman’s age the higher the risk of getting this cancer.
  • Women who have had HPV infection, which causes genital warts in women. The virus that can also cause cervical cancer will spread very easily.
  • Women who have the habit of smoking can trigger carcinogenic cells to grow easily.
  • Have a weak immune system. This weak endurance can occur because women have disorders in the body.
  • Have a history of getting cancer or precancerous.
  • Having skin disorders in the vulva area.

The above are some things related to the signs of vulvar cancer that women should be aware of. If you experience problems in the vulva area, immediately do a medical examination to prevent undesirable things.

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