What You Should Now About Tongue Cancer

By | 01/04/2020
What You Should Now About Tongue Cancer

When you hear the word ‘cancer’ you might find yourself trapped in a fear. That is a normal reaction since cancer is one of the terrible diseases that lead to death or body parts malfunction.  Most of the human body organs are at risk of cancer, so is the tongue, and we know it as tongue cancer

Compared to other kinds of cancer such as lymphoma Hodgkins, blood cancer, or breast cancer, tongue cancer patients are less in number.  However, you must be more careful with this kind of cancer because it can lead you to more serious danger. Let’s find more information regarding tongue cancer.

Understanding Tongue Cancer

Understanding Tongue Cancer

What is the tongue cancer definition? Tongue cancer is one of the cancers that attack the tongue tissue.  This disease grows around the tongue area due to interference with the tongue tissue.  Conditions and initial symptoms that may appear are blotches on the tongue that are red or white accompanied by canker sores and sore throats that are not easy to disappear.  When these symptoms get worse and worse, you should be alert and visit a doctor immediately.

Cancer arises and develops due to some tongue tissues that continue to grow abnormally.  Tongue cancer itself can appear at the base of the tongue and tip of the tongue and it is possible that in severe conditions the entire tongue tissue will grow abnormally and cause cancer.  Those who get a big chance of having this kind of cancer are smokers and people who are addicted to alcohol. However, non-smokers can also have this cancer due to virus infection.

Symptoms of Tongue Cancer

Symptoms of Tongue Cancer

Those who are not smokers or drinkers rarely experience this cancer.  However, it’s a good idea to stay cautious and always watch out for some unusual symptoms that you experience.  The following tongue cancer symptoms are as follow:

Sore Throat

People often experience sore throats and it is not a big deal.  However, the normal sore throat will disappear when you drink or take the medicine.  But what if the pain in the throat does not go away? Then you have to be aware of that. Usually, common tongue cancer signs that occur due to tongue cancer is the emergence of pain in the throat that does not heal and is accompanied by severe pain when swallowing food or drink.

Lumps in the mouth and neck area

Lumps are sometimes not noticed by many people and are underestimated.  Many people assume that the lumps that arise because of a collision that will disappear by itself. But you need to be vigilant when these lumps occur in the neck and mouth area.  Even more so if the lump doesn’t hurt even when touched. These lumps can be one of the common characteristics of tongue cancer.

Numbness in the mouth

Numbness or tingling would be a very unpleasant thing right.  What if it happens in the area of ​​your mouth? Of course, you have to be aware of that.  Because numbness or tingling becomes one of the symptoms of tongue cancer. In general, symptoms of tongue cancer will be difficult to feel like numbness in the mouth area.  However, you need to be careful when numbness in the mouth does not heal and even appears very often.

Bleeding occurs on the tongue

Symptoms that are sufficient to provide an explanation of the existence of problems with the tongue that is unusual bleeding on the tongue.  When the tongue starts bleeding but you do not know the cause, then immediately run away to the hospital to get the right treatment. At the beginning of the symptoms may be a little blood coming out and you think it is because of the bite from your teeth.  However, when the bleeding gets worse day by day with terrible volume.

Trouble in moving jaw

One unusual symptom that you feel needs to be aware of.  For example when you suddenly find it difficult to move your jaw.  It may sound trivial, just because of sprains or stretching muscles. But do not be taken lightly when you feel difficulty moving the neck continuously and even accompanied by pain.  It might be caused by a problem with the tissue around the jaw.

The Voice That Changes

It might be said that the symptoms caused by tongue cancer are like common cold symptoms.  When you experience a change of voice you just think that it is because you have the flu. But what if the sound changes you experience are accompanied by other symptoms that are quite terrible. A common symptom that is felt when there is an abnormality in the tissue of the tongue is a change in sound.  When you feel changes in voice accompanied by other symptoms such as pain in the jaw or spots on the tongue area, it is possible that you have cancer of the tongue.

Drastic weight loss

You’re not on a diet but have a very drastic weight loss?  You need to be aware of that. Usually, the unusual weight loss caused by a problem that arises in your health. Weight loss is usually synonymous with cancer, especially when slowly your bones will be increasingly visible.  When you experience a very drastic decrease accompanied by some of the symptoms above, then immediately check with your doctor.  Therefore, drastic weight loss can be made possible because of tongue cancer.

Tongue Cancer Causes

Tongue Cancer Causes

Sometimes many people think that cancer is a predestined thing to happen.  It is true, but in most cases, tongue cancer causes refer to an unhealthy lifestyle. Read the things that cause tongue cancer the most here”


Smoking is one of the main things and the biggest cause of tongue cancer.  When a smoker is addicted to cigarettes, it can be possible he will develop tongue cancer. Tobacco in cigarettes contains a dangerous substance that causes the emergence of tongue cancer, so the more often people smoke, the more substances that are contaminated to the body and cause cancer of the tongue.

Consume too much alcohol

Alcohol is also one of the main causes of cancer on the tongue.  Of course, you already know that alcohol is a pretty hard drink if too much is accepted by the body. Because the composition is too high in alcohol, the body usually cannot adjust.  The more often a person consumes alcohol the more chance he will get cancer of the tongue and make the tongue tissue become damaged.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection

Perhaps the cause of the existence of tongue cancer is very rarely encountered.  However, you still need to be careful with your activities. Infection arising from contamination from dirty substances in your mouth will cause disruption in your tongue tissue and cause cancer of the tongue.

Less Attention in Oral Care

One trivial thing that has never been noticed by most people is the cleanliness of the oral cavity.  Most people will underestimate the cleanliness of the oral cavity. They thought they would only find toothache and also bad breath.

But make no mistake, there are things that might strike when you don’t pay attention to your oral health.  The longer the mouth is left dirty, the greater the chance of viruses or germs that attack the tongue tissue and cause cancer of the tongue.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyles are the main key to the growth of various diseases.  One of the diseases that might attack is tongue cancer. Even more so when you have an unhealthy diet.  Something that enters the mouth will pass through the tongue. The worse your diet, the greater the chance of cancer on the tongue.  Even worse, cancer will also appear in other organs.

Genetic History

The genetic history can also lead to cancer problem. Tongue cancer can occur due to a history of heredity. There is a chance that you are going to suffer from cancer when one of your family members have the disease.

How to Prevent Tongue Cancer

From the explanation above, of course, a cancer of the tongue becomes a very terrible thing, right.  You certainly do not want to experience it right? So how to prevent tongue cancer or what kind of tongue cancer treatments that you can do? Here we go:

Avoid smoking.

If you are a smoker but do care about your health, then avoid smoking from now on.  By avoiding this habit, you eliminate the chance to get tongue cancer.

Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks

The other thing you might do to save your life is to stop drinking alcohol which is certainly very dangerous for your organs.

Maintain cleanliness of the oral cavity and teeth

One thing that is very easy to do is to keep the oral cavity and teeth clean.  How to? Be diligent in brushing your teeth and gargling especially after eating food.

Carrying out the HPV vaccine

The HPV vaccine is an alternative to avoid tongue cancer.  In addition to vaccinating, you can also avoid unhealthy patterns of relationship such as changing partners.

Do a Healthy Lifestyle

A very exciting thing to do to avoid a variety of diseases is to adopt a healthy lifestyle.  Eat nutritious foods and multiply to eat vegetables and fruits. In addition to avoiding tongue cancer, implementing a healthy lifestyle will also save or keep you from various diseases.

You now that your health is priceless. Consider to prevent yourself from this cancer and always keep your mouth clean and healthy every day. Do not forget to pay attention to the food and drink that you consume regularly.

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