5 Physical Tonsil Cancer Symptoms, Let’s Be Aware of These

By | 01/05/2020
Tonsil Cancer Symptoms

Tonsils are essential to support our immune system and fight against bacteria and viruses. It was recognized as two oval-shaped pads that sat on the back of our throat and consisted of lymphoid tissue. However, some tonsil cancer symptoms might appear once in a lifetime of a person.

Men’s risk of developing tonsil cancer is three to four times more than women, especially in elderly. Interestingly, 93% of tonsil cancer patients had HPV (human papillomavirus). Is tonsil cancer deadly? Before worrying too much, you need to be very aware of 5 of the most visible symptoms of tonsil cancer below.

1. Persistent Soreness in the Back of the Throat

Early-stage tonsil cancer may not relate to any discomforts that makes it a bit difficult to be found early. However, the patient will feel sore in the throat that seems never to heal, no matter how hard they tried. This unspecified symptom often mistook as a frequent strep throat

2. An Enlarged Tonsil on One Side

With its lymphoid tissue, an inflamed tonsil may be prone to an enlargement or swelling on one of the sides. People rarely notice that it can be a sign of tonsil cancer as an enlarged tonsil is quite a collective experience. Don’t be second-guessing, you better see your ENT specialist any soon.

3. Difficulty in Swallowing

Have you ever felt any trouble when you’re about to chew and swallow food? Most tonsil cancer patients had this symptom, and the problem can be daunting when it comes to eating and drinking citric foods and beverages. Be careful when you can not any longer tolerate your regular orange juice.

4. Severe Earache

Tonsil is part of our ear, nose, and throat system that makes any tiny problem of it will lead to a further problem in the ENT. Unbearable earache in tonsil cancer is pretty tricky. It can disrupt your sleep pattern and make you feel unrested.

5. Unusual Lump in the Neck

Most of the tumors or any malignancies are associated with a lump. Though it’s uncommon for early tonsil cancer staging, a bump in the neck is utterly a thing. Check your neck regularly so you can avoid any progressing abnormal cells.

Aside from those, you do need to be very careful if you caught blood in the saliva, unusual lousy breath, and hoarseness. Just like many other cancers, tonsil cancer prognosis is excellent if it gets treated at a very early stage. Radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery are enlisted as effective tonsil cancer treatment.

Nevertheless, prevention works much better when it comes to any health conditions, including cancer. Be fully responsible for staying away from tobacco, alcohol, and unsafe sexual intercourse. If somehow you notice any of tonsil cancer symptoms, do report it to your physician right away.

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