3 Vulvar Cancer Treatment Based on Stage & Home Remedies

By | 28/04/2020
Vulvar Cancer Treatment

Labia minora (inside the labia majora) is the initial part of an attack of vulvar cancer. After that, there are further stages of this cancer. Find out 3 the vulvar cancer treatment based on the stage!

3 Main Vulva Cancer Treatments You Must Know

Vulva cancer treatment options are given based on the type of cancer, stage of cancer spread and general health conditions. There are 3 main treatments for vulvar cancer, namely:


Surgery aims to remove all parts of the tumor and cancer.

Surgery to remove cancer in the vulva and some surrounding healthy tissue. Remove cancer and healthy tissue edges (excision). Radical excision will be made for widespread. This excision involves cutting cancer and a small amount of normal tissue around it. This procedure can help ensure that all cancer cells have been removed.

Usually a combination of radiation therapy and chemotherapy to shrink cancer before surgery and after surgery.


The next treatment option is chemotherapy. This method is offered to patients based on vulva cancer treatment by stage, advanced-stage of vulva cancer. The patient’s symptoms are cancer that has spread to other areas of the body.

Chemotherapy is sometimes combined with radiotherapy to reduce or reduce the size of cancer before surgery. The aim is to increase the potential for a successful surgery, or if cancer has spread to lymph nodes.

Drugs become chemotherapy treatments by using them as cancer cell killers.

The method of administering the drug is by injecting veins through an IV arm and can also be taken.

Radiation therapy

X-rays and protons are the ingredients of this therapeutic method and are useful in killing cancer cells. This ray is a high-energy ray. During radiation therapy, the patient lies down and receives radiation exposure from the machine, which is directed to parts of the body with cancer cells. In addition to killing cancer cells, this therapy can also reduce vulva cancer to make it easier for surgery.

After surgery, the doctor will perform this therapeutic action to kill the remaining cancer cells in the area around cancer. For example in the lymph nodes, then radiation therapy will be carried out in the area around the lymph nodes too.

Radiation therapy is sometimes used before surgery to reduce the size of large vulva cancers to make them easier to operate. Combining chemotherapy and radiation therapy is sometimes done. This can make cancer cells more vulnerable to radiation.

Good Lifestyle and Home Remedies for Vulvar Cancer Treatment

Besides the doctor’s treatment, you can also treat your body like:

  • Do a routine check with your doctor to monitor the development of cancer and your health
  • Follow the doctor’s direction, the consumption of prescribed drugs
  • Reduce risk factors as much as possible. The largest percentage of women infected with vulvar cancer are due to HPV infection
  • Have safe sexual relations. Use condoms if you are prone to STDs
  • Don’t mind thickened skin or sores on your labia

The vulvar cancer treatment side effects cause changes in physical symptoms, emotional effects, social effects, and financial effects.

This treatment that is included along with treatment from a doctor for the vulvar cancer treatment will produce good results.

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